Design system core

Iterate as quickly as pulling LEGO blocks from a bin

Teams behind digital products are growing at an almost unprecedented rate. New team members onboarding, product releases, and marketing strategy. You hardly have any time to control the visual consistency of the product. We’ve created a 4-month plan that will create one source of truth for digital product teams.

React components

We will join your dev team and simplify their workflow. Using Atomic methodology and tools like React living documentation we’ll create a component development environment. It will speed up development and preserve the consistency of your application.

• Introduction to Design System approach
• React Atomic Components
• Living React documentation

Guides and Principles

No matter how consistent or small your team is. Different people will contribute new solutions and styles, causing experiences to diverge. Together with your marketers and copyrighters, we’ll get this straight. It will help you create a consistent experience across all platforms.

• Digital brand guidelines
• Product core values and principles
• Voice and Tone


You may already have dozens of processes. It is essential to make them public and confirmed by all the product team members. That will give you the ability to analyze results and fine-tune processes later.

• Processes documented
• Strategic canvases update
• React Atomic Components update


In the 4’th month, we'll finally make sure that Design System is consistent and up to date. Also, will create a plan for next steps.

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