Product discovery

a.k.a. defining the Right Problems to solve

Do you feel uncertain about the right way to start your digital product redesign? Or maybe got a full list of detailed requirements in place? Product Discovery is the best place to start in both situations. It replaces the guesswork and endless wandering with the real proven process. We will set up shared vision, fill strategic canvases and get off to a good start.

Product overview


During the first call, we will be building the similar vision. Doing the groundwork for what will helps us to look in the same direction. We will also create or review your Lean Canvas to prevent any misunderstandings.

Customer, problem, solution


Together these three words provide the basis of any product related decision. We’ll stay laser-focused on your ideal customer portrait. Because at the end of the day, they will sign up only if the story you tell resonates with them.

User flow


At the Design process page, we speak about 10 core layouts for a reason. These layouts are the path of your customer from the not knowing to conversion. Our goal is to define User flow and help you optimize it later.

But why all this?

We would be happier just doing UI/UX work. But we know It is only from the clash of ideas that truth can emerge. And it is unlikely we help you create something amazing, when we're at cross-purposes. Setting up similar vision — thats the real reason behind Product Discovery.

Sounds great, but I have some questions

Important to know

Try our Product Discovery and if you aren’t getting value after the 1’st call we will pay you back.

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