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Making the leap from 🇩🇰 to 🌎 by revisiting Visual Identity


Founded in 2015 and with 20 team members on board, Adversus, headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, was already a solid product on the local SaaS scene.

Discover how we helped them scale up from local to global. Find out how rethinking visual identity and building a versatile style guide for further development helped them сapture new markets and speed up the sales process.

Meet Adversus

Located in Denmark, Adversus is a web-based dialer and CRM solution for telemarketing, fundraising, and appointment scheduling businesses. So far the company has garnered all 5 star Trustpilot reviews and has helped more than 1200+ agents make more than 9125489 calls per day.

Their mission is to help call centers boost KPIs, make better decisions based on insights, and manage contacts more wisely.


  • Not ready to enter the B2C market in the US and Europe
  • Customer onboarding and sales process taking a lot of efforts
  • The website was not prepared to handle/convert leads
  • Bottlenecks between design and development departments
  • Problems explaining new features to old customers

Is it about a new logo?

Running a product for several years often brings a desire for changes. You gradually get tired of the current look and feel, overall it feels old and outdated. Your dissatisfaction with the current design and theme might lead to a process of indefinite impulsive redesigns happening each year. But that’s where we come to your rescue. We help you battle these bottlenecks and chart out a path that has the potential to work long-term and bring sustained success.

Synergy, consistency, belonging

We often speak with product owners that run innovative digital products. They all have marketing websites, web/mobile applications. And often, they’ve been treated as a separate thing. Yes, they are separate, and the experience is different. But in the end, they’re crucial to your business in that they shape the way your brand gets recognized.

You’ll probably feel strange entering a modern restaurant and ending up in an traditional cafe. That’s precisely how you might feel with your product as time goes on.

And that’s where the synergy comes in. The creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. That’s what gives you this “extra” advantage and make competitors want to copy you.

Building the better Adversus

We found that current visual identity was not complementing the Adversus core values and beliefs. It was not something that Adversus would use for the core visual idea and scalability. We’ve decided to create something that will be memorable, scalable and emotional. Something that may fit well with the current customers and attract new B2C audiences from the rest of the world.

Starting from the strategic discovery

Mads and Christian had an amazing journey traveling from Aarhus to Odessa, speaking about products, problems, and target audience. While also walking near the sea and trying local cuisine.

During offline discovery we've:
  • Discussed the product’s current status
  • Captured long term and short term plans and goals for the product
  • Understood the thinking process that led to Adversus’s current requirements
  • Documented the ideal customer portrait and customer journey
  • Discussed KPI’s that we may enhance

Meet all-new friendly CRM-companion

We’ve avoided predictable references and left only essential elements.

A - it rings, it lives, it smiles.

Bringing it to the web

The old website was mostly used as a complement to a regular offline sales cycle. With a new solution, we’ve got a goal to make it a standalone resource. Being able to provide all the information about the product and persuade new buyers to a free trial. You can also see the whole identity coming alive here.

Live version

Easier dev.handoff

We know how hard it is to build a proper designer/developer relationship and control product consistency. Which is why we’ve built a scalable Style guide using Atomic methodology. So all in-house designers, developers, and marketers speak the same language. Shorter approval chain, lesser feedback time and a much happier team :)

Staying focused

Dial page is where all the work happens. There are tons of custom fields on this page. We’ve tweaked the layout so all necessary elements are always there. No matter how far down you scroll.

Enhancing accessibility

The old interface had some general accessibility issues combined with low hanging UX-fruits. That made the operator’s work slower and the possibility of mistakes higher. In sales, it's all about statistics, as you may know. So we focused on enhancing accessibility that could help jump up the stats.

Multiple campaigns

There was no ability to work with multiple campaigns previously and lead management was hard. We’ve added the ability to create separate campaigns.

The user won’t be lost

We’ve re-worked navigation, so now you can find out where you are and how you can come back.

What happened after

  • The new website became a new sales channel for customers from the US, the UK, and Australia.
  • Styleguide creation resulted in a minimized gap between the product and marketing departments.
  • More visitors were seen converting to qualified warm leads from Google Ads.

Now it is all real





Leonid Stern

Design Ops

Dima Lepokhin

Product Manager

Stan Yakusevich

Creative Director

Vladimir Gruev

Lead Designer

Max Panchyk

UI/UX Designer

Trusted by startups with $300M+ in funding:

Partners backed by:

Small = effective

We are surrounded by amazing cultural and physical weather climates. Our HQ is located in Odesa — a beautiful seaside resort near the Black Sea. Anton Checkhov lived in this same neighborhood, and we are just one minute away from the opera house where Tchaikovsky conducted.

  • Working with founders from Y-Combinator, US SaaS awards winners, guys from Forbes, Business Insider, Daily Beast etc.
  • 7 years with same leadership team structure — right people at right seats
  • Creative Director — Awwwards International Jury
  • Got more than 100000+ followers across all design social networks
  • Companies we’ve worked with got more than $300M+ in funding
  • Spent $200,000 building our in-house web-app
Let me know the process
10°C Odesa's spring can be tricky. Don't let it fool you 🌳


Chaikovs'koho Ln, 16, Odessa, Odessa Oblast, 65000, Ukraine

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