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Best in class POS provider for Laundry & Dry Cleaning business sector


CleanCloud is a worldwide cloud software provider for Dry Cleaning and Laundry business. Founded in 2014 with only 4 team members, it now stands as a leader on a global scale.

Discover how we helped CleanCloud to increase their presence on a global market by their scaling up its visual identity and building a flexible style guide for their future product elaboration.

A story to back it up

“A Founder Using Cloud Services To Save Family Businesses”

CEO and Co-Founder,
John Buni

“There are lots of families running dry cleaning businesses. We give them the tools to do that. We handle all of the operations for pick up and delivery. We manage the logistics for the driver, telling them where to go, we manage the payments; everything they would pay someone a lot of money to do.”

clients in 69 countries

With HQ located in London, CleanCloud is a cloud-based software solution for laundry and dry cleaning businesses around the globe. With 5,000+ clients in 69 countries worldwide, CleanCloud is disrupting a disrupted market. They aim to help dry cleaning and laundry eco-system to automate their workflow, improve customer management, track performance and much more. All resulting in a drastic increase in customer satisfaction and staff efficiency.

Review of issues

  • Client diversity around the globe requiring an interface that suits everyone
  • Customer onboarding and sales process being too difficult
  • Lost track design simplicity while chasing after functionality
  • Many features added leading to the lack of organization

When progress meets reality

It all starts off as something simple and easy. But as a rule of thumb, the time goes by and it drags your project along with it, followed by a necessity of new functions to be implemented. It is a natural process that eventually every developing product is facing. You come to the decision point when it needs a visual rehaul to remove constraints between functionality and accessibility making it possible to grow.

Larger demand, innovative ideas, new challenges and so on... These key factors play a large role in increasing functionality of a product.

Looking over our perspective

We often have discussions with innovative digital product executives. Those tend to split essential parts of their business such as marketing websites and web/mobile apps. Indeed, each tool serves its purpose, but they all are puzzles of one great product. By the end of the day, it's all about your product recognition by a client or customer.

CleanCloud has approximately a good half of their clients located internationally. Different cultural and linguistic aspects had a serious impact on our decision-making process. A flawless approach to your target audience vastly contributes to the success of your product or brand. We carefully reviewed possible clientele and revolved around the ideas of being highly intuitive.

Building the better CleanCloud

We saw a current design of CleanCloud to be clunky and overloaded with heavy functionality. Everything needed to get organized looking from the POS operator's perspective. With secondary functions hidden away, and extra things removed, it allowed for the interface to breathe and feel intuitive. Our design foundation revolved around creating a rewarding user experience.

Research stage

During online discovery session we:

  • Discussed the product’s current status
  • Defined technologies behind POS systems as well as screen resolutions used in web-app/iOS
  • Captured long term and short term plans and goals for the product
  • Documented business concerning buyers portrait and their journey as a customer

Meet brand new CleanCloud

Product page

We got our hands on every product aspect, from print to digital. Working along with their marketing and front-end team elaborating consistent user experience. It allowed us to refine visual identity, product website, create a UI kit for web application and finally introduce a precise control process.

Live version

Web application

We did a full web application design revamp. Together with CleanCloud's team, we optimized its layout and improved app accessibility. After evaluating their key performance indicators, we created their overview and dashboard pages where clients can see the financial data of their outlets and other useful information.

Mobile app

CleanCloud came back to us a year later after their web application launch to create a complementary mobile/iOS version to be used by their clients and couriers. This lets them cover a broader work cycle in a brand-new, mellow look.

We've achieved this together

  • The new professional look acquiring attention among big market players
  • A new design workflow, that keeps design assets organized
  • Increased presence on an international level, product website was copied by competitors
  • CleanCloud acquired their biggest customer up to this day and growing fast

Really proud to announce that CleanCloud has been nominated for Best SaaS Product for Small Business at The SaaS Awards,
 a global programme recognising companies at the forefront of software-as-a-service. Over 400 organisations were put forward, so it's great to have made the shortlist.

Heartbeat was an extension of our design team rather than an outsourced partner. When we launched a new site, it was something new to the market, disrupting the current state of the industry. We are currently growing a lot, and Heartbeat complemented the growth with their design process. The ROI of working with Heartbeat was definitely positive.

John Buni

CEO & Co-Founder, CleanCloud





Leonid Stern

Design Ops

Stan Yakusevich

Creative Director

Dima Lepokhin

Product Manager

Alexander Plyuto

UI/UX Designer

Vladimir Gruev

Lead Designer

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We are surrounded by amazing cultural and physical weather climates. Our HQ is located in Odesa — a beautiful seaside resort near the Black Sea. Anton Checkhov lived in this same neighborhood, and we are just one minute away from the opera house where Tchaikovsky conducted.

  • Working with founders from Y-Combinator, US SaaS awards winners, guys from Forbes, Business Insider, Daily Beast etc.
  • 7 years with same leadership team structure — right people at right seats
  • Creative Director — Awwwards International Jury
  • Got more than 100000+ followers across all design social networks
  • Companies we’ve worked with got more than $300M+ in funding
  • Spent $200,000 building our in-house web-app
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