Australia has a large debt burden with credit card repayments. These are charged at high-interest rates. RateSetter offers low-cost personal loans that can be used to pay off this debt at a far better rate.

We’ve worked with Ratesetter Australia on rethinking their borrowers journey. Together with their Product Management team, we were able to fix major UX problems, bring a new look, and create a style guide for future product development.

RateSetter Australia is a 100+ employees lending company based in Sydney. They offer people a simple and accessible way to put their money to work. They were named Investment Innovator of the Year at the 2019 Fintech Business Awards.

The fastest Australian marketplace lender

Ratesetter Australia is an independent company that is part of the RateSetter group. Established in Australia in 2012 and officially launched in 2014, Ratesetter Australia has, in just 5 years, passed $500 million of consumer loans originated, making RateSetter the fastest Australian marketplace lender to reach this figure.

They provide a transparent, technology-driven marketplace where lenders and borrowers are sharing benefits – helping Australians do better, together, as they say.

So, what do we do now?

Iain, the product manager at Ratesetter, has done his best to deliver a wealth of insights on the current version. We have a competitors review, wireframes, video screen capture conversion, and research data. That was a perfect example of collaboration, when the product team made a serious effort for a better result.

Together we’ve built a plan:

For the next version
of the Borrowers Journey:


Analyze documents, insights, wireframes from Ratesetter


Provide an outside view on some UI/UX moments


Create consistent visual guidelines for web and mobile version of the product


Document results and do quality control of the implementation

Let us take you on a journey

A Borrowers Journey, actually. Where we were fixing UX issues and building a new flow of rate estimation process. We will cover that in greater detail.


Content hierarchy and predictability are often neglected in user interface design. Labels near fields, better contrast — all of that helps a lot.

How long could it be?

It is important to show where the user is currently and what will be the next step. Be careful: too many steps may scare off the user. Showing estimated time to complete each step is also a good idea.

Forms, forms, forms

In a product like RateSetter it is hard to move away from forms. There are just so many of them. We’ve decided to categorize/format them for future re-usage.

Little things matters

That relates to any interface. When you have so many elements on one page, be sure they are at least consistent through the product. Or try to minimize the number of elements.

Just imagine how you are consuming content, while getting reminders or messages from your friends. So, try to leave only essential functionality on mobile. In this case, less is more.

Congrats, you won!

Nope, in reallity you don’t. We just want to show you how value based headings are grabbing attention. Give some value in headings, don’t copy what was taught by a interface.

Quicker navigation = faster loans

Having this clean interface allows customers to have a fluid workflow. Time spent on navigation now is in the past. Instead, it can be used wisely - to get things done.

We did it! After changes were implemented, it led to multiple positive improvements to RateSetter's performance:

  • Digital customer onboarding process and overall user experience were drastically improved.
  • Fee communication became clear and transparent along with logging experience.
  • Noticeably faster access and fluid experience on a mobile version.

We did it! After changes were implemented, it led to multiple positive improvements to RateSetter's performance.

Mark Spencer

CEO of RateSetter

RateSetter team

Stan Yakusevich

Creative Director

Dmitry Lepyokhin

Product Manager

Leo Stern

Design Ops

Vladimir Gruev

Lead designer

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