Effect of design in web3

Web3 is brimming with opportunities for designers, yet it's also full of challenges. There are many moving variables and trends. Trends move especially fast in Web3. However, just like any other industry. We apply old principles, to new topics.

We've looked through 100's Web3 brands and worked with some of the best businesses in Web3.

Here is what we've found...

Effect of UI/UX in Web3

Web3 is the future of the internet, where everyone has a say, not just big companies. But for it to really take off, it needs to be easy for everyone to use. That's where great design comes in. Good design makes Web3 friendly, trustworthy, and something people want to use.

Why Design Wins in Web3

Look at some of these UI/UX stats:

FactorImpact of UI/UX
First impressions94% relate to design
User retentionGood design keeps 38% more visitors

When VCs look at new web3 companies, they really care about four big things: the team, how big the market is, what the product does, and the company's money situation.

A great team that knows web3, a product that stands out, and good money planning can attract big investments. Web3 startups can get high values quickly because they grow fast and enter new markets. This means even new companies without a product yet can get lots of money if investors believe in their idea.

Design improvementImpact on user experienceIncrease in user baseRevenue growthEstimate valuation increase
Simpler navigationUsers find what they need faster20%15%10%
Better visualsMore engaging and professional look15%10%8%
Mobile optimizationAccessible on all devices25%20%12%
Faster load timesReduces bounce rates10%5%5%
Intuitive UI/UXEnhances overall satisfaction30%20%18%

Finally, what you're thinking. Does this effect meme coins?

In short yes. We see design trends in meme coin landing pages and tokens often. Especially in a space that is so trend-based. Design can make a HUGE difference.

If you don't know what a meme coin is...

What are Meme Coins?

Meme coins are cryptocurrencies inspired by internet memes or created for fun. The trend started with Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2013, designed as a joke by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Despite its humorous beginnings, Dogecoin marked the start of the meme coin craze in the crypto world.

How Does Meme Coin Design Pump Meme Coin Value?

The design of a meme coin, including its theme and community engagement strategies, plays a crucial role in its value. Here’s how:

  • Viral Potential: A catchy, humorous design can go viral, attracting attention and new investors.

  • Community Engagement: Engaging designs foster a strong, active community, driving demand and value.

  • Brand Recognition: Unique and memorable designs help build brand identity, differentiating the coin in a crowded market.

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