How to obtain a professional product look, drive conversion by 30%, land warmer leads and set shared design guidelines

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Add up to 30% to your conversions with signature aesthetics matching your product

Save up to 20% on collaboration between designers, developers and marketers

Create scalable visual foundation that will help you grow for next 5+ years

How you can achieve that

Shift away from a logo, instead - scale with the visual identity

If you still think that a single logo sets you up for success - be sure to watch this video. We believe that any modern digital product works when backed by the context, having multiple "points of contact" with a user. As a product owner, your goal is to maximize its consistency and make it outstanding.

Then make your product pretty by implying the usability-aesthetics effect

People tend to believe that if things look better - they work better, even if in reality they’re actually NOT that effective or efficient. In other words, users have a positive emotional response to your visual design, and that makes them more tolerant of minor usability issues on your website.

Maintain team traction ultimately speeding up release cycles

In the modern world of digital products, your design is as good as it's documented, shared and grasped across your team members. So, what is the point of having guidlines stored somewhere quietly on GoogleDrive with no one aware of their existance and how they should be used? You may consider them long gone in oblivion.

BibliU — a considerable uplift in inbound leads and improved speed of product iteration

Educational content platform working with NYU, Grand Canyon, Oxford and Imperial College London.

titleUmberto Anderle, VP of Product
locationLondon, England
verticalEdtech, SaaS
numbers40+ team, $15,6M funding

Before state:

Before engaging with Heartbeat we were limited by a lack of shared visual guidelines and consistency across our product and marketing materials. This resulted in slower product development and disjointed communication to the users and low amount of inboud leads.

After state:

The Heartbeat design team is only ever a Slack message away from helping us

Our users have been responding positively to our app changes and we are closely monitoring our NPS score. Heartbeat efforts helped our marketing to become self-sufficient in creating consistent, professional looking marketing material. We've improved speed of iteration in both discovery and delivery stages of our product cycle.

CleanCloud — got biggest customer to date, competitors trying to copy them

SaaS solution for independent dry cleaners with 5,000 clients in 55 countries.

titleJohn Buni, Founder
locationLondon, England
verticalPOS, SaaS
numbers15+ team, $1M funding

Before state:

As we grew as a product, we’ve lost the simplicity, our product was not well organised, hard for new users to use. We were not going really well with our experience. Churn rate increased and we needed to step back and rething it all.

After state:

Large customers started looking at us more serious, we've got biggest enterprise customer to date

After we launched a new website that Heartbeat created, it was something new to the market. Large customers started looking at us more serious, we've got biggest enterprise customer to date. There were several attempts to copy our website and products as is. New design processes are also saving us a lot of time. We felt like our SaaS product got back to its shape again.

Finiata — achieved a 30% conversion rate increase on a mobile website

One of the most promising German fintech startups in 2020

titleAlexander Beresford, CMO
locationBerlin, Germany
verticalFintech, SaaS
numbers60+ team, $31M funding

Before state:

We needed help with usability and information architecture of their product website, landing pages mobile and web applications. They had short “startup” deadlines and had experienced lackluster results from other design companies.

After state:

We got everything we wanted and more they were excellent on all fronts.

Though yet to launch, the redesigned app has received high praise for its appearance and functionality. The Heartbeat Agency’s work ethic and deliverables fulfilled expectations and exceeded past companies’ attempts. Finiata has already achieved a 30% conversion rate increase on a mobile website.

Adversus — minimized gap between the product and marketing teams

Denmark-based CRM solution for call centers

titleMads Jepsen, PM
locationAarhus, Denmark
verticalCRM, SaaS
numbers30+ team

Before state:

Product and website not ready to convert leads in B2C market in the US and Europe. Customer onboarding and sales process taking a lot of efforts. Bottlenecks between design and development departments

After state:

We find that our users really appreciate the consistency in our Ul updates

The new website became a new sales channel for customers from the US, the UK, and Australia. Styleguide creation resulted in a minimized gap between the product and marketing departments. More visitors were seen converting to qualified warm leads from Google Ads.

PadSplit — product felt fresh and clean once again

Affordable co-living for the workforce on it's way to get their Series A funding

titleJon-Michael O'Bryan, CTO
locationAtlanta, GA, USA
verticalCo-living startup
numbers40+ team, $4,6M funding

Before state:

We knew that we had bad looking product. We can't scale/grow with the current design. it is not scalable. There is no "one source of truth", design eating their time, devs time, everyone time. My Co-founder and I are design-oriented and our current design hurted our eyes, especially our homepage.

After state:

The design system and organization throughout the process was fantastic

Heartbeat worked well without a lot of direction, but took our inputs well. The design system and organization otherwise throughout the process was fantastic. Seeing the website come together (especially the dashboard) was really exciting -- everything felt fresh and clean again. We are tuning our design processes and getting ready to Series A.

Industry Conference — new website everyone loves, 2x conversions growth

30,000+ strong community of product managers

titlePaul McAvinchey, Co-founder
locationCleveland, OH, USA
verticalProduct Conference
numbers30 000+ community

Before state:

We needed to take a big leap forward in terms of our design to really show our personality. What we looked like online really didn't match to what our event looked like in person. And as a result, we suspected we were missing out on potential ticket buyers

After state:

I have no reservations in recommending Heartbeat wholeheartedly

I liked that the team took the time to think about the marketing aspect of the website, not just the design, pushing me to think about how we positioned the copy. I found that the team often went beyond what I expected from them.

We feel we have a product that will last for several years, positioning ourselves as a high quality, fun, and well-positioned conference. We were particularly excited to see a dramatic uptick in the number of people submitting their email addresses on the site for conference updates, and it appeared that ticket sales increased as a result, too.

I have no reservations in recommending Heartbeat wholeheartedly. I was pleasantly surprised to never have to push them for updates or work to be done. They delivered on time and exceeded my expectations. For potential customers, I would say you should trust the Heartbeat team and consider their quotes as great value.

Small = effective

We are surrounded by amazing cultural and physical weather climates. Our HQ is located in Odesa — a beautiful seaside resort near the Black Sea. Anton Checkhov lived in this same neighborhood, and we are just one minute away from the opera house where Tchaikovsky conducted.

  • Working with founders from Y-Combinator, US SaaS awards winners, guys from Forbes, Business Insider, Daily Beast etc.
  • 7 years with same leadership team structure — right people at right seats
  • Creative Director — Awwwards International Jury
  • Got more than 100000+ followers across all design social networks
  • Companies we’ve worked with got more than $300M+ in funding
  • Spent $200,000 building our in-house web-app


Why work with you? What makes you so special?

We’re not just some ordinary designers, given we do speak about design quite often. Besides, we don’t have any intentions to squeeze you out like a lemon by billing you crazy hours until you say “Okay guys, I’m broke now.” Instead, we pass you down core visual assets for your product, so that you can move forward and stay independent when it comes to design. We’re well aware that any product needs to be released, besides if you have the most impressive design, how does it matter if a user can’t simply see it? Our goal is to speed up the shipping of your product, and decrease the drop-off rate.

Who are you guys, anyway?

Hi there! We’re a team of 12 digital professionals based here in Odesa, Ukraine. We started around 9 years ago as an ordinary design agency, and since then paved our way to what we’re calling today design ops. Back in 2015 we’ve launched our own web-app, a project management tool. It showed us another angle of design development in the context of a product, we came to the realization that it is not just about a picture on the wall. While creating our product, we faced certain issues and it made us rethink our working process. It can now help “our TA” to boost conversion, improve their team efficiency, and finally become design-driven. It has been our mission for the last 3 years.

What happens if I wait too long?

Things like "Design Systems" and "Design Thinking" popping out everywhere. Top players in the market are creating their dedicated design teams and becoming design-driven. Older competitors just can't keep up with it, and it’s better to use that to your advantage. It’s best to act as soon as possible, before someone with a much inferior product outruns you taking that sweet spot on the market.

What results will I actually get from this?

There are indeed quite a few! Our experience working with products showed that you may expect a load of benefits. You will acquire the new product look and feel in just 2 months, which will get cherished by your users and investors. That alone will help you attract more customers and bigger investors. Also, allocating the synergy across your team will help you save up to 20% of time spent on collaboration. Finally, you can start saving time and set designing yourself aside, enabling you to concentrate on other important things, at the same time getting rid of that amateur, engineering-driven look. Ultimately, our signature process will let you launch a product coupled with a world-class look which you and your team can feel proud of.

Are there any long term contracts?

It usually takes up to three months of mutual cooperation to reach the final stage. If you so wish, our expertise can be at your convenience on a full-time basis. Although, we don’t offer it as a separate feature, and it only works with products we previously worked with.

How do I share this with my team?

Feel free to share a link to this page with your workmates! In other cases, we will also be happy to share some additional materials and to provide detailed counseling if needed, just follow the link.

My app is on React, will it work?

Sure! We base our interface development methodology according to the best Atomic and Component-based practices. Sometimes, we also help with creating live style guides using React Storybook or similar solutions. That will make your devs extremely happy, cutting down the product’s launch terms by nearly 30%.

Do you do copywriting?

We will review and share our opinions, but we are not full-time copywriters. Meaning we won’t create written content for your website. We are not native speakers, and we don’t have enough skills to do it on a level you need. We will collaborate with a copywriter or anyone on your end, sharing our opinion on the structure and how it fits with the design. But we won’t create a Unique Value Proposition for your product.

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