to find your perfect look and thrive with the help of design

We can keep telling you all about design systems, atomic, visual identity, design tokens, etc. This will make you feel confident because we're so smart. But, being smart is not enough to craft a world-class look for you.

This is how we simplify the path to “great design”

to define great, let us define bad

Don’t surprise if design that has been mindlessly copied with no emotional connection to the product and the team ends up being bad.

So what's the point of making design decisions when you don't understand why they were made?

Well, enough, now to the great

4 key components behind our design equation in order

  • build a minimum viable story

  • align design aesthetics and visuals with the story and strategy

  • make documentation clear and accessible for the team

  • get traction and consistency around the design

So we start the process with

Think something is supposed load here? There's nothing - just this lovely blank slate. We'll start there.

Lets talk through them 1 by 1

We start with story, to find meaning filter and streamline

The story in our process is a gateway to insight and vital strategy exercise.

We use the story to understand your user's motivations and put them at the center of the design process. To filter wrong decisions and simplify the path.

To define the common definition of beauty

We explore a few aesthetic directions based on the design insight that will help us visually complement our strategy. We call this exploration of the "common definition of beauty."

And find a way to scale it, so you can easily reuse

Once agreeing on the aesthetics from the previous stage — we apply them to everything where the design takes place.

The job is to scale the Visual Identity concept for various user touchpoints, producing a consistent yet meaningful experience.

So team will love, start using it and driving product growth

We work together on creating guidelines based on results from previous stages. We aim to ensure everyone loves the design and that the whole team knows how to work with it.

Otherwise — it was a worthless effort.

And finally, someone looking at your product will tell those four sacred words:

Oh, wowthis is so memorable

Oh, wow this is so memorable

Additionally, we will stay with you for two-three months for design direction. This is to ensure your team creates consistent assets and knows how to use our guidelines.