Web3 design and funding - what's going on in Web3?

Mar 20, 2024

February 2024 was a standout month for Web3, with 192 investments totalling $616 million into Web3 companies—the most deals we've seen in the past four months. Here's why...

Web3 design and funding - what's going on in Web3?

February 2024 was a standout month for Web3, with 192 investments totalling $616 million into Web3 companies—the most deals we've seen in the past four months. This surge underscores how positive market trends can fuel venture capital interest in the Web3 space. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin soared to new heights, reaching over $73k, while Ethereum climbed above $4k and Solana hit around $175. Not to mention, the meme-coin frenzy is back, stoking even more interest in Web3 investments. This month was notable for several leading Web3 companies securing significant funding rounds.

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Web3 design's big role in funding

Good Web3 design pulls in big bucks. It’s simple: look sharp, and stand out. Investors are scouting for slick, user-friendly projects in a jungle of options.

First looks matter

You get one shot to impress. Make it count with a design that’s easy and appealing. It’s your handshake with investors.

Trust through design

Web3 is trust and freedom. Show it in your design, and investors see you’re serious about what Web3 stands for.

Users drive success

If people love using your project, investors will too. Make your design so good that users can’t stay away.

Let's look at some current Web3 deal the more degenerate side of web3.

The craze of meme coin presales

Crypto's latest obsession? Memecoin presales. This trend sees crypto projects seeking funds before their official launch.

Here's the drill: Investors send cash to a crypto address, banking on receiving tokens via an airdrop post-launch—a high-stakes promise of future returns.

Over just one weekend, investors funnelled over $100M into these presales.

Several projects bagged $10M+, with a mix of successful launches and some unfortunate rug pulls.

One standout project amassed $30M in a mere 24 hours, yet to debut.

In a record-breaking event, another presale raked in $30M in just 30 minutes. Yes, $30 MILLION in half an hour.

Tragedy struck another project as $10M vanished due to the founder's misdirected transfer, leaving investors empty-handed.

One project made a quick $100K, only for the founder to vanish soon after, deleting their Twitter and absconding with the funds.

Then there was the audacious presale aimed at funding a Ferrari purchase for the founder, openly stated in their "roadmap."

Shockingly, this stunt still attracted $55K in funds within 30 minutes, though it turned out to be a jest, with all money returned. This episode underlines the current market's wild nature.

It’s a signal that perhaps investors could benefit from a "Degeneracy Abuse Resistance Education" program, considering the frenzy.

Web3 design

The impact of design on presales & funding

Memecoin presales are a rollercoaster of highs and lows for investors. In this chaos, standout design is critical. It not only draws attention but also builds trust, setting the stage for success. Good design makes a project more appealing, communicates its value, and can significantly influence funding outcomes.

By embedding trust and freedom in design, crypto projects connect more authentically with their audience. Seeking expertise from top Web3 design agencies can transform a project, making it a beacon among memecoin ventures.

Empowering the Next Generation of Web3

Web3 is built on community and trust, and at heartbeat, we're at the forefront of that philosophy. Let's face it though. Engineers and developers are not designers. Building brands that stand our and engineering are 2 different skills.

Our designs are meticulously crafted to elevate your brand, ensuring it leaves a memorable impact. In the fast-evolving landscape of Web3, let your brand's first impression be unforgettable with heartbeat.