What is a Web3 design agency

Dec 25, 2023

Explore heartbeat's innovative Web3 designs, transforming DeFi and blockchain usability.

In an internet where the user has full authority and control over ownership and data. That's what Web3 is all about. It's a fresh way of using the internet where you own everything you make online. But making this happen isn't easy. There are big challenges, like creating websites and apps that are easy to use and safe. User adoption is the biggest challenge in mainstream Web3. This is where Web3 design agencies come in. They are experts in making Web3 not just an idea, but also easy, safe and practical.

What exactly is Web3?

Let's break down Web3 in simple terms. It helps to start with a quick history lesson on the internet:

  • Web 1.0: This was the early internet. Pretty much everyone had a say in it, and no single person or company was in charge.

  • Web 2.0: This is the internet we use now. Big companies like Apple and Google run the show, making things easier to use but also controlling a lot more.

It's about giving control back to everyone, not just the big tech companies. Plus, it's trying to make the internet safer and more private.

What is a Web3 Design Agency?

A web3 design agency focuses on crafting digital experiences for the blockchain world. They handle everything from creating visually appealing web3 websites to designing user-friendly interfaces for decentralized apps (dApps). Their expertise ensures that users enjoy both the look and functionality of web3 platforms, making the decentralized web more accessible and engaging.

What makes Web3 different?

  1. Trustless: In Web3, everyone from app builders to bloggers has control. They see everything that's happening in the app, unlike now where big companies keep a lot of secrets.

  2. Permissionless: You don't need anyone's okay to use Web3 apps. You just log in with your crypto wallet, like MetaMask or TrustWallet.

  3. Distributed: Control isn't just with the big bosses or rich investors. In Web3, it's shared among the people who use and build the platforms.

  4. Open and Runs on Blockchain: Web3 uses blockchain, which is like a digital ledger that keeps track of everything in order. It's mostly used for stuff like Bitcoin transactions.

How is Web3 being used?

Right now, Web3 is big in the finance world. Think cryptocurrencies, trading platforms, and NFTs (those digital things that prove you own something unique). It lets people do financial stuff like lending or trading without needing a bank.

Key tips for designers in the Web3 space

When diving into the world of Web3 design, there are some crucial things designers need to know. It's all about making these platforms user-friendly and easy to understand.

Making things clear and user-friendly

Web3's complexity often assumes user expertise, a gap that needs bridging with clear, understandable information. For instance, a user considering investing in a liquidity pool should be met with a straightforward warning about potential risks.

Simplifying security in DeFi apps

Security is paramount in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. These platforms perform regular audits to identify security vulnerabilities, and findings must be communicated effectively to users. Employing simple language, glossaries, and visuals can demystify complex Web3 terminologies and concepts. For insights into simplifying complex designs, visit our process page.

Keeping currency exchange simple

The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin poses a challenge in tracking their value in fiat currency. Designers play a crucial role in making this conversion process as intuitive as possible, avoiding overly technical jargon or complicated calculations

Case study: heartbeat's design approach for alkimiya

Client: Alkimiya – leading the charge in the DeFi universe to establish a blockchain-native asset class. Discover more about this groundbreaking project on heartbeat's portfolio page.

Services Provided:

  • brand story development

  • visual identity and guidelines

  • UX/UI design and UI kit

  • website creation

  • illustrations

  • stationary design

  • motion design

The challenge

alkimiya aimed to shift the common perception in DeFi and blockchain – that intuition and gut feeling are key to trading success. Their mission was to promote decision-making based on data and rational analysis. The key challenge? Convincing a market used to unpredictability and emotional decisions to embrace a new approach.

The solution

heartbeat collaborated with alkimiya to forge a brand story that challenged the norm of emotional trading. The strategy was multi-faceted:

  • Developing a clear narrative: Reframing success in DeFi as a result of collective, informed decision-making rather than individual instinct.

  • User-centric design: The UX/UI was crafted to present data in an easily digestible format, aiding logical decision-making.

  • Visual identity: Creating a design language that highlighted alkimiya's systematic, precise approach.

  • Web and collateral design: Aligning the website and materials with the brand's ethos of clarity and predictability, making complex DeFi concepts approachable.

The outcome

Through heartbeat's design initiative, Alkimiya successfully redefined the narrative in the DeFi space, promoting a rational, data-driven approach over emotional trading. This positioned Alkimiya as a forward-thinking entity in the DeFi community, encouraging a shift towards more systematic, collaborative trading practices.