Hey, I'm

Founder of startup Unight. I've been working with the Heartbeat guys for almost a year. They've asked me to share my experience.
A year ago I decided to update my website and to create a mobile app for my business
The current website was outdated for me and my customers
I didn't have time to stay updated on all the possible technological innovations
I wanted to focus on doing business
I couldn't control all the nuances by myself anymore
Hiring freelancers wasn't paying off
I had to write out a very detailed technical assignment
Deadlines weren't being met
I spent three months on it and didn't see any results
So, I decided to find an agency
    Designers have never asked me so many questions
      As it turns out, those questions weren't asked in vain
      And now we have a base
      Together we shaped it and filled it with value
      We defined all-important touch points. And actual needs
      To create a great product
      Clear and effective visuals
      Content built around our customer segment
      Structure and necessary functionality
      Brand visual identity
      Business model
      We successfully remade my business
      And we're always improving it, based on customer feedback

      By the way, I'm not just a profile picture. I recorded a 2-minute video
      and I'm ready to chat with you

      let's talk about your product