Design process

Our Approach

Proper execution is only possible with the right diagnosis. That means we won’t start working until we get to the real problem. Here, we've combined our 6+ years of experience in UI/UX and product design. You will work with a cutting-edge design team and have a product launch experience from the inside out.

Product Discovery


The entire purpose of Discovery is to make sure the project plan will serve the goals of your organization. Here, we set the shared vision to prevent weeks of unnecessary work.

• Product overview
• Customer, problem, solution
• Value Proposition Canvas
• Solution presentation
Delivery 1 week

UI/UX Core


Want to redesign your application and make it match your ambitions? We have a proven process that will help your app grow with the help of design.

• 10 core layouts
• Improved look and feel
• Resolved UX issues
• Atomic-inspired UI kit

Saving you time

We cover 10 main layouts because they form 90% of your product's look. That's why we are not talking about the useless recreation of all 150+ screens you have. As a result, you will get a more user-friendly solution that your customers will love.

All of this is based on the needs of your target audience and the values inherent in your product. We’ve done it many times before, so you get a fixed price, a clear timeline, and weeks of saved time.

Adaptive Design


Now, we gently optimize the results of the UI/UX Core stage for your desired resolution. Then, we test it on a real device and add new elements to the UI kit.

• One more resolution
• Usability test
• UI kit with new components

Landing page


Together, we’ll create a website design that will resonate with the target audience. Your competitors will probably use it as a reference and try to copy it.

• Content review
• Mobile + desktop
• Conversion-oriented design


Congratulations, now you have kick-ass design and most of the UX problems solved. A great deal of time, money, and effort went into this process. It's thanks to it that each month we help product teams from all over the world grow through the power of design.

We don't have an aim to hook you on hourly-paid work and shift the responsibilities. That's why we introduce the Design System approach to help you build a healthy product team.

Sounds great, but I have some questions

Important to know

Try our Product Discovery and if you aren’t getting value after the 1’st call we will pay you back.

• We don’t do back-end development
• Not doing pitches, RFP’s and test tasks
• Working exclusively with stakeholders