Heartbeat is an independent design-driven team. We live design and spend our days working on visual identity, product design and design ops.

Driven by shared values

By working with highly productive and organized entrepreneurs, we've learned how to be creative but stay accountable.

Each day we try something new and move away from old delusions. It helps us cultivate a growth mindset and know that if we can't do something, it’s just because we don't know yet how.

Because we all know about deadlines, competitors running after you, and investors waiting for the news. We know how a tiny thing may ruin the whole experience in design and communications, that’s why make every single interaction matter to us.

We know that there's no one to blame but yourselves, and that’s why we think it's essential to move away from the victim's behaviour in everyday life.

These are the same things we look for in our teammates and partners.

Super efficient startup-size team of pros

Dmitry Lepyokhin

Vision & business development

Artem Astakhov

Digital polymath

Stan Yakusevych

Creative director

Robert Vagin

VI designer lead

Kira Temirshina


Daniella Marynova

Digital design lead

Valeriia Luzhanska


Andrew May

Office manager

Wanna join our team?

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Dang Ngoc Viet

UI/UX designer

Yevhen Yakusevych

Front-end lead

Odesa — the city where we all met

Heartbeat was founded in 2011 by Dima Lepokhin and Stan Yakusevich. Odessa is a gorgeous, historically thrilling sea-side city located by the Black Sea.

When Ukraine will win the war, we would be happy to show you ways around town. Statistics say that people who live by the sea feel 40% happier and have better mental health than those who dwell inland.

Looking for “like Stripe”, maybe “clean, modern, minimalistic design”? Forget it. The only right design — is yours.