None of us is as smart as all of us

Stan Yakusevich

Creative Director, Co-owner

Dmitry Lepyokhin


Leonid Stern

Design Ops, Partner

Vladimir Gruev

Lead Digital Designer, Partner

Eugene Yakusevich

Front-end Lead

Elena Yakusevich


Andrew May

Office Manager

Vadim Drut

UI/UX Designer

Artem Astakhov

Account Manager

Daniella Marynova

UI/UX Designer

Starting 10 years, ago we were just a regular web design agency. We've worked in that ordinary way for some time and later started developing our in-house digital product called TeamPaper. It felt like a digital Bootcamp resulting in a huge impact and making us more knowledgeable in design, business, and digital products in general.

With 14 people on our team, we keep on advancing our digital product expertise. Now, we’re willing and open to help other digital product teams to solve similar problems.

Are these what you're after? Ping us.

  • Visual Identity
  • User interface design
  • Product website design
  • Developers collaboration
  • Design processes & guidelines
  • SaaS and Digital Products
  • JAMstack and Storybook
  • Design system creation

In 2020 we helped 7 fintech products, but we love bringing a disruptive approach to unknown frontiers.


Improving looks and functionality of the fastest-growing EU fintech startup

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2 years of fruitful cooperation with BibliU during their journey to a Series A.

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Data / DevSec

Solving the pitfalls of data-heavy companies with Dataform, helping Dvuln to make products secure by design.

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Why we exist.

We're here to help SaaS founders and Digital Product Owners to create effective, aesthetically appealing, and meaningful products! Those who will become game-changers deliver real value to customers, making them feel happy and delightful.

Heartbeat intends to provide tailored assistance to every SaaS/product team, with a deep understanding of the product, business delicacies, and modern digital product design trends.

We believe that every product team should feel inspired by design surrounding its product. Every team should feel united by sharing the same goals, vision, and transparency regarding their design process. All of this helps the product thrive at a faster pace, leaving no chances to competitors.

What view is out our window?

Most of us were born and raised in Odessa, and we're continuing to work here locally. Odessa is a gorgeous, historically thrilling sea-side city located by the Black Sea.

Whenever there is a chance, we would be happy to show you ways around town, but feel free to explore it via Google Maps or by watching the video. Statistics say that people who live by the sea feel 40% happier and have better mental health than those living inland.

Driven by shared values
  • Cultivate a growth mindset.
  • Be creative but stay accountable.
  • Every single interaction matters.
  • Don't be a victim.