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We are heartbeat — a team of creative tech enthusiasts who create authentic and aesthetically pleasing work for ambitious startups & digital products. We add a human touch to the digital presence and help our partners reach new heights, attract customers and hire like-minded people.

Stan Yakusevich

Creative Director

Dmitry Lepyokhin


Evgeniy Yakusevich

Front-end Lead

Andrew May

Office Manager

Artem Astakhov

Account Manager

Daniella Marynova

UI/UX Designer

Robert Vagin

VI Designer

Kira Temirshina


Valeriia Luzhanska


Daniel Sanzharov

UI/UX Designer

What do we see out the window?

Most of us were born and raised in Odessa, and we're continuing to work here locally. Odessa is a gorgeous, historically thrilling sea-side city located by the Black Sea. Whenever there will be a chance, we would be happy to show you ways around town, but for now you can explore it yourself via Google Maps or watch the video. Statistics say that people who live by the sea feel 40% happier and have better mental health than those who dwell inland.

Digital product

The best design is the one that everyone knows how to use

Our foremost focus is on the design. But, throughout the last decades the meaning of this term has been continuously evolving, especially in the context of a digital product world. We see digital design tools reaching its ideal state, products that change in a split second, and boundaries between the team members washing away more and more.

It’s no longer a problem of creating a pixel-perfect, nice, clean design as you can now buy it for $50. The real issue now is the efficient growth, which is closely tied with design guidelines and documentation, its transparency, and team adoption. And that’s where we come into play.


Our main merit is in making these things usable for everyone on the product side. The goal is to make it feasible for every person in each department, whether it happens to be a marketer, developer, product person, or CEO. It should feel no different whether you’re adding a new component into a design system or creating a product presentation.

Total cost:$25,000

We continuously add up more to our experience within the following:

SaaS and Digital Products:

  • Visual Identity
  • User interface design
  • Product website design
  • Developers collaboration
  • Design processes & guidelines
  • React storybook
  • JAMstack
  • Design system creation
  • Design processes
  • React storybook
  • JAMstack
  • Design system creation

We have the most experience in areas we specialize in, but we love bringing a disruptive approach to unknown frontiers.


Improving looks and functionality of the fastest growing EU fintech startup


Designing BibliU's visual identity, product style and website in 2 months


From re-launching to helping PadSplit get a new look

Why we even exist?

We're here to help SaaS founders and Digital Product Owners to create effective, aesthetically appealing, and meaningful products! Those that will turn into game-changers delivering real value to customers, making them feel happy and delighted.

Heartbeat intends to provide tailored assistance to every SaaS/product team, with a deep understanding of the product, business delicacies, and modern digital product design trends.

We believe that every product team should gain extra motivation from the design surrounding its product. Every team should feel jointed by sharing the same goals, vision and transparency when speaking about their design process. All of these pinpoints help the product release at a faster pace, leaving no chances to competitors.

Driven by shared values

Cultivate a growth mindset.
Be creative but stay accountable.
Every single interaction matters.
Don't be a victim.

10°C Odesa's spring can be tricky. Don't let it fool you 🌳


Chaikovs'koho Ln, 16, Odessa, Odessa Oblast, 65000, Ukraine

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