Create a fast and reliable website with scalability in mind.

Evgeniy Yakusevich
Often we see something new, which is well forgotten old. And web development is not an exception here. JAMstack is a blast from the past redefined and suited for modern use-cases and tools. This web development approach is capable of delivering speed, security to your website while keeping your developers happy. It proves that static websites can very well compete with dynamic ones.
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Why a new logo ISN'T the key to a great redesign

Artem Astakhov

In this article, I will unravel misconceptions about a logo as a design centerpiece and explain how can it set limits when developing your digital product design basing decision only on a single symbol. In the modern world of digital products, scalability is one of the most things you should prioritize, and that becomes impossible if you choose to be logo-centric.

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How to gain a 30% boost in conversion with the same content or functionality?

Dima Lepyokhin

Aesthetic-Usability Effect plays a big role in helping a user to decide whether he wants to continue his stay at a certain website. It's about the magic of appearance and captivative visuals. Find out how and when to use it within your digital product to turn potential users into loyal customers.

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Achieve 20% more work. Or a trick on how to get an "extra employee" for free.

Dima Lepyokhin

When it comes to the design, everyone is more or less involved with it when developing new design experiences for a digital product. Every small interaction adds up, and it results in hours of time wasted on needless discussion and ping-pong play. That, in the end converts into financial losses. Find out how you can turn the situation around by implying an efficient way for your team to handle and use digital product documentation.

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