Does UI matter?

Mar 29, 2024

Revamp your digital game! Dive into how UX/UI and testing skyrocket user satisfaction & profits.

Pretty much any designer will tell you something along the lines of: "UI is the bridge between your product and users."

They're not wrong. UI is not just branding and being 'pretty'. UI makes complicated interactions simple and intuitive. It helps retain users, it builds an attachment with users and it can really increase word of mouth.

Don't take our word for it through. That's why we have looked at a 100's of different products and analysed how different levels of UI impacted their success.

Main problem: The impact of UI on user experience and business success

The initial interaction a user has with a website is largely influenced by its design elements. Research highlights two primary design-related features that users find most useful:

Easy navigation importanceValued by 94% of users as crucial, indicating that the functionality and ease of finding information are key to user satisfaction.
Need for beautiful appearance83% of users consider an attractive and modern appearance essential, showcasing the importance of aesthetic appeal in user retention.

UX/UI as an investment

Investing in UX/UI design isn't only for aesthetics though. UI should be seen as an investment generating an ROI (Return on Investment). It's a strategic move towards achieving remarkable financial outcomes.

The data underscores the tangible benefits of dedicating resources to UX/UI improvements:

OutcomeImprovement percentage
ROI for every dollar in UXForrester's research reveals a staggering 100-fold return on investment in UX, highlighting the lucrative potential of prioritizing user experience design.
Conversion rate increase (UI)A robust UI design can lead to a surge in conversion rates by up to 200%. This significant uplift demonstrates the critical role UI plays in motivating users towards taking action, directly impacting revenue.
Conversion rate increase (UX)The impact of UX enhancements is even more profound, with the potential to double conversion rates by up to 400%. This underscores the exponential value of investing in user experience, not just for user satisfaction but for bottom-line growth.

Importance of user testing

Not every user has the same level of skill/knowledge when it comes to technology. Even for more skilled users, industries such as Web3 are super complicated. The goal should always be "simplicity" & "intuitive".

The insights below highlight the importance of user testing in accommodating diverse user needs:

User confidence with digital devices (18-29 years)PercentageKey insight
Very confident68%While a majority of younger users navigate digital technologies with ease, a notable portion encounters difficulties. This disparity underscores the necessity for intuitive design that addresses the full spectrum of user abilities.
Not very Confident32%A significant minority of users find complex interfaces daunting. This statistic highlights the critical importance of user testing in the design process, ensuring that digital products are accessible and user-friendly for everyone, regardless of their tech savviness.

The value of UX/UI - conclusion

UX/UI design and user testing are crucial for digital success. Investing in them boosts financial returns and ensures your product appeals to everyone. The message is clear:

focus on intuitive design and thorough testing to drive user engagement and business growth.

Keep it simple, accessible, and effective.