What is a web3 design studio?

Nov 6, 2023

Web3 is making a comeback - no doubt about it. Like every other industry, to be at the forefront, Web3 companies need design. Here's why:

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Businesses constantly search for new ways to stand out, innovate, and connect with their audience. One of the big buzzwords currently circulating is "web3." For many, it might sound like a fancy, futuristic term. In reality, it seems as though it's where we're heading in the digital space. And just as the digital age needed designers to create captivating visuals, the web3 space is in need of its own breed of designers. heartbeat is a web3 design studio leading the charge in crafting visuals for this new era. In this article, we'll dive into what a web3 design studio is and why it's crucial for businesses in the blockchain and crypto realms.

The essence of a web3 design studio

A web3 design studio is much more than your typical design agency. It focuses primarily on creating designs for the decentralized web (web3). This includes everything from cryptocurrency platforms and decentralized applications (DApps) to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and more.

What every designer has to know

Here are some tips and tricks you need in your toolkit if you're stepping into the Web3 world:

Always be crystal clear

Let's be honest, Web3 can be confusing. It's not like designing for your everyday app. And users might not always know the ins and outs. For example, when someone's about to pop some crypto into, say, a liquidity pool, they should be given a heads-up. A simple pop-up message saying, "Hey, just so you know, crypto can be a wild ride, and your funds might take a dip" can work wonders.

 If you’re thinking about where to get started with clear prompts, the heartbeat process page gives a pretty neat overview.

Break down the tech jargon

Ever tried reading a protocol or an audit report? If yes, you'd know it's like reading an alien language. But you know what? Designers can come to the rescue! Consider adding friendly summaries at the beginning or even include a pop-up glossary. You can sneak a peek at how heartbeat does it in their blog. The idea is to make sure even someone's grandma can get the gist of it.

Keep the currency game strong

Crypto's cool, but it dances to its own tune. Prices can go up and down like a rollercoaster. When displaying these in wallets or e-commerce apps, showing the value in a user's native currency can be super helpful. Pro-tip: For the love of simplicity, avoid diving deep into decimals. It's like telling someone it's 73.24891°F outside.

Make those hashes friendly

If you've seen a blockchain address, you know it's like a never-ending jumble of characters. Super easy to mess up. And messing up in the crypto world is no fun. Some folks use the Ethereum Name Service to make things easier, but it's like paying for a fancy number plate. Here’s a thought: Why not just show the first and last four characters? You can also add a snazzy logo for added identification. For more insights, check out heartbeat's deep dive into UI vs UX.

No one likes to wait 

Fun fact: Sending money through blockchain isn't always as snappy as hitting send on a text. It can be a long wait, and there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than seeing your money disappear without an immediate confirmation. Why not soothe those jitters with a nice animation or status text? If that's too much, a link to a block explorer works wonders. For some real-world inspiration, see how heartbeat makes magic.

Web3 is still the internet, and folks want to feel at home. Making things simpler, clearer, and user-friendly is the name of the game. And if ever in doubt, you've got a goldmine of resources and examples at heartbeat. Dive in!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Web3 studio?

A Web3 studio specializes in creating designs and user experiences specifically for decentralized platforms and applications. It merges the principles of traditional design with the unique requirements of the blockchain and crypto world. If you're looking for an example of such a studio, definitely check out heartbeat.

Who is a Web3 designer?

A Web3 designer is someone who crafts user experiences and interfaces for decentralized apps and platforms. They don't just design; they understand the nuances of blockchain, ensuring that the end user finds it as intuitive as using any other app. Explore the roles and responsibilities of a Web3 designer with heartbeat's informative guide here.

What is Web3 design?

Web3 design focuses on creating interfaces and experiences specifically tailored for blockchain-based applications and platforms. This involves understanding complex decentralized systems and translating them into simple, user-friendly designs. heartbeat's process provides a comprehensive overview.

How is Web3 useful?

Web3 has revolutionized how we perceive online interactions. It paves the way for decentralized systems, allowing for more transparent, secure, and direct peer-to-peer interactions without intermediaries. This has enormous implications, from financial systems to content creation and sharing. Curious about its practical applications? Explore real-world Web3 designs with heartbeat's work.