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Times are changing, but old web dev approaches still dominate the market. A well familiar “monolithic” architecture such as WordPress relies on keeping all eggs in one basket, which can be a risky deal. After a while, you come to realize that the system looks like a tangled ball of wool. Besides, these websites may take forever to load, especially with a smartphone.

Such drawbacks made the dev community think of alternatives. It gave birth to JAMstack as a term that reinvented the meaning of a static website by adding dynamic functionality to it. Unlike monolithic systems, it simplifies your system into smaller modules that are safe and easy to manage.

From monolithic to microservices

JAMstack simplifies your system with help of integrated services (such as Typeform or Salesforce) and is considered one of the best and modern ways for website development. This approach provides a substantial boost in website loading speed, steamlines scalability, and increases security. It toughens your digital product web presence, especially when coupled with great design.

What does it mean for a stakeholder?

Mighty fast

Static pages are built faster than those processed by the server on the fly. Your website might load multiple times faster.

Lower costs

Pay as you go. The cost will increase according to your current website needs. $0 if you’re only starting.

Better security

Backend and databases don’t have to be part of the frontend. A simpler system means it will be harder to exploit.

Easy content editing

Manage content and materialize your ambitions. Headless CMS lets you fix a typo or get the content out quickly.

Simple to maintain

By having the frontend and backend separated, each developer can focus on the part they’re responsible for.

Higher scores in web

Better Core Web Vitals means higher Google ranking. Make your website appear on top of the search results.

Get the whole pie. Not just one piece

By combining deep knowledge in web development and its best practices, our team is driven by the shared values that, in turn, allow us to create agile websites. The work rhythm between our designers and developers is the same. With such a department symbiosis it lets us accurately carry out each stage of a project: from a visual idea to its logical finish - implementation, all accompanied by our continuous improvement cycle.

Be fast like us. Our Core Web Vitals

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People live in a fast-paced environment with 5G around the corner. Over the past 10 years, the average connection speed grew by nearly 5 times, while the median page load period hasn't changed much. We bet that your competitors have not even considered this...

JAMstack – is about making the web faster by utilizing pre-rendered static files deployed on CDN. It removes the need to constantly worry about the backend, therefore helping to improve the security of your product. Connect to third-party libraries (CMS for example) and gain control over them via API.

If your goal is to have a flexible, secure, and fast website with a simple content management system, perhaps JAMstack is one option to consider.

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