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It all unfolded five years ago. We were a small digital agency offering comprehensive design. Every day we'd send files for approval, and our clients would email us with their feedback. was a real pain. So we decided to create a solution. Teampaper and Heartbeat Agency have evolved a lot since then. Here you can see how Teampaper has developed, and what we've achieved.





Teampaper is our vision of an image-oriented project management system. You know the standing joke that all product teams are building their very own task manager... :)


Kanban board with on-image discussion

A problem worth solving

There are many excellent project management systems. And a few less image collaboration tools. But there was no neat unified solution.


Fruit. Simple yet diverse.



Choose a piece of fruit from the pile – melon, apple or peach. Personalize Teampaper to suit you.











Proxima Nova

The story




Six years ago, we identified that discussing design on email is not productive. You have a picture here and feedback there. Why don't we connect them?




We were obsessed with new features and visuals, but nobody told us about market validation. That was our main problem: users liked the product but weren't using it. It looked great by the way.

2015 — now days


We removed 80% of the functionality and focused on the macOS app. Picked the key killer features and made them super easy to use. No registrations, no tutorials. Simple as 1, 2, 3.


macOS app


That’s the latest version of macOS app. The new timer for tasks is here along with some UX tweaks. Development is currently in process. What do you think?





Web app


GraphQL, React + Redux, MongoDB, and other trendy things are almost there. All this should
bring speed and scalability. At least that's what developers told us :)


Kanban it!

Users were having trouble sorting old tasks and project structure. So we decided to introduce Boards. That way, everyone can work with them.


List view

It's OK if you don't like Kanban style. The List view gives you the same functionality, viewed from a different angle.


Visual Integration

See this circle with a number inside? It's a point. It works like a subtask. It's an easy way to highlight an issue or start a conversation. You can see all your points in the overview finder on the right.


Points are often used in feedback solutions nowadays. When we started this, things were different. Ours are still powerful in their functionality. We realize that's an ambiguous statement.


One BIG menu

Made for new users who require more guidance.
All possible actions and options are in one place.


Problem & solution

The two key elements for a landing page. You can design a clean/unique/pretty page, but that's not enough. Users want you to highlight their problems and provide solutions.


You will also love Snap


100% done


How can I try it? 

Teampaper Snap for macOS


80% done


Teampaper Web v2.0


20% done


Teampaper Snap for macOS with Tracker


A great idea is not enough. Building a functional, user-friendly product is a tricky process which requires experience and expertise. We can help you plan, validate and deliver the product you're dreaming of.

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We are surrounded by amazing cultural and physical weather climates. Our HQ is located in Odesa — a beautiful seaside resort near the Black Sea. Anton Checkhov lived in this same neighborhood, and we are just one minute away from the opera house where Tchaikovsky conducted.

  • Working with founders from Y-Combinator, US SaaS awards winners, guys from Forbes, Business Insider, Daily Beast etc.
  • 7 years with same leadership team structure — right people at right seats
  • Creative Director — Awwwards International Jury
  • Got more than 100000+ followers across all design social networks
  • Companies we’ve worked with got more than $300M+ in funding
  • Spent $200,000 building our in-house web-app
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