B2B design agency: Helping startups build a brand and raise more funding.

Building a strong, clear brand that catches investor attention. Our B2B design approach is straightforward building your startup's brand to secure funding and grow your customer base.

B2B brand design

In the B2B, impactful brand design is essential. It's more than aesthetics - it's your business's voice. Dynamic logos spell modernity, and thoughtful typefaces build trust. Many B2B brands undervalue design, seeing it as a luxury. Here's the reality: Effective brand design is the reason that brands exist - otherwise they are just companies. It's not just design - It's your story told visually.

Modernizing your brand identity

Your brand tells your story - who you are and what you stand for. Good branding highlights your strengths and hides the weak spots. It's a chance for tech companies to stand out. Think Mailchimp and Hubs – they've done it right. Ready to make your brand shine?

Developing your identity through B2B design.

How we build trust

Trust begins where design meets simplicity. at heartbeat, our focus is on creating ui/ux that's not just visually stunning, but also clear and user-friendly. first impressions count, and we're here to ensure yours is trust-inspiring.

Connecting to your audience

It's not just about the design on your screen; it's the entire user journey. at heartbeat, we craft experiences that resonate with your audience, making every interaction count. let's make your brand story unforgettable.

Resonate with your audience for retention

Our aim? designs that don't just look good but feel right. with a mix of elegance and functionality, we create ui/ux that's memorable. let's make your brand the one they remember and return to.

For last 10 years we’ve helped

Seed stage startups

to launch on time, look more serious time and attract more leads

Series A-D teams

to create a visual identity to keep momentum and reach new heights

Industry leaders

to make design one of their competitive advantages and finally solidify their brand

Partners backed by

Super efficient startup-size team of pros

  • top-tier visual designers, awwwards jury creative director.

  • worked together for 11+ years

  • our design system .pulse is listed among IBM, Atlassian, Adobe at "Awesome Design Systems"

  • the total investment amount of the companies we worked is around $1+ bn.

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